at sweet deceits, we're passionate about great tasting, wholefood  desserts. our  dessert kits are a foolproof  way to make your own  natural and wholesome treats, without sacrificing taste, and our ready-made snacks  offer delicious yet nutritious  treats  for when you're on the go.  all of our desserts are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan (except for our brownies, which require eggs to create the perfect texture). ideal for those who have a sweet tooth, but don't want to compromise their healthy lifestyle.

about sweet deceits

growing tired of the tasteless offerings from the healthy snacks market, we wanted to bring something fresh and new to the table (date and nut bars just weren’t cutting it).  fresh out of uni, without 2 pennies to rub together, we decided to take action on our mission to revolutionise the snacks market (much to our parents' dismay!)... that’s how sweet deceits was born.  our innovative dessert kits allowed us to ship our product across the uk    whilst you guys got the satisfaction  of baking your own wholesome treats at home. now we're adding ready-made snacks to the family to  ensure you  always have some delicious wholefood treats  on hand.

we’d love to tell you a story about how we travelled the world, found a mystical island and some  coconuts  fell onto our heads, inspiring us to launch sweet deceits.  unfortunately, that’s not the case. there’s no elaborate story, we’re just 2 ordinary people who have combined our love of  food, sweet treats and indulgence with our passion for health, nutrition and wellbeing. 

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