Peanut Butter Caramel...

Could you think of a more dreamy combination? You can drizzle this over breakfast, sandwich it between our brownies, dip slices of apple into it, or just eat it by the spoon! When the ingredients carry so many health benefits, why the hell not?! In the line up we have... dates - a great source of iron, peanuts & almonds, which are filled with heart-healthy fats, and last but not least, maple syrup, which is jam-packed with nutrients.


2 tbsp Peanut Butter
2 tbsp Maple Syrup
1 heaped tbsp Date Paste (or dates)
1/3 cup Almond Milk
Pinch of Salt 


Add all of the ingredients to a pan over a medium heat and stir regularly for around 10 minutes or until smooth.