We've followed Georgie Stevenson - fitness blogger and lawyer - on her journey to increase her calorie intake and become leaner along the way. She gradually upped her daily calories from 1200 to 2200 kcal, and saw a huge positive impact on her mood, energy levels and physical appearance. 'She became her best when stopped under eating and over training'.


If you have found yourself in a position where you've dieted and initially seen results, but then your body has adapted, and in order to lose further weight you've had to cut your calories even more - then Georgie has some tips to help you get out of this trap. 


*Disclaimer - based on Georgie's personal experience rather than scientific studies

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Tips for increasing your calorie intake and losing weight...

Tip 1

Slow down your exercise regime, particularly if you're hammering the cardio or HIIT routines. Instead, focus on giving your body the rest that it needs, becoming less stressed and ensuring that you're getting sufficient sleep every night. Georgie recommends 1-2 cardio or HIIT sessions a week.

Tip 2

Weight training - as a female, it's really difficult to gain muscle, but for every half kilo of muscle that you gain, you need to eat around 50 extra calories to maintain it. During her transformation, Georgie gained 6kg muscle - meaning she needs to eat around an extra 600 calories everyday just to maintain this. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to eat more food...


Tip 3

Start eating more. Georgie gradually increased her food intake, by adding more food to her diet on a weekly basis. For example, her lunches are quite basic (sweet potato, vegetables and a source of protein), so she simply added in more every few weeks, and gradually ended up eating a lot more. Although it sounds very simple, Georgie emphasises that it doesn't need to be anything more, and once you have increased your metabolism, you'll find that it's much easier to lose weight. 


Tip 4

Shift your focus. If you're predominantly thinking about how you look, the number on the scale or what you're eating, then this can work against intuitive eating, as you'll struggle to increase your metabolism/calories if you're constantly thinking about restriction. Stop the diets and focus on feeling good. As Georgie began to eat more calories, she noticed she was so much stronger, hitting new personal bests and really looking forward to working out and moving up with her weights in the gym.

If you're in a trap where you can't increase your calories through fear of gaining weight, but also feel as if your lifestyle and diet isn't maintainable for a the rest of your life, then look to make a lifestyle change rather than a short term fix. Initially Georgie gained a bit of weight, then it evened out, and finally she lost weight, despite eating an extra 1000 calories a day, and now FEELS and looks amazing.

Want to hear more from Georgie? Head over to her Youtube channel for more fitness and healthy eating tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs92TaW0BDx3yy4WTu1zo1Q

Georgie Stevenson now eats 1000 more calories a day and looks and feels amazing